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          Business Continuity

          • Allows you to continue doing business at all conditions
          • Solutions that gives you the security and protection
          • Backed by 3 IS0 9001 Certified Installation
          • 30 years of Business Recovery Services

          Systems Integrator

          • Partners with the best-performing products and brands in technology
          • Build complete cost-effective I.T. solution
          • Increase client's business capabilities

          Business Recovery Center

          • TIM's State-of-the-Art
          • Tier-3 Design
          • Telco Agnostic Data Center
          • A Facility you can trust

          Global Network Services

          • Capacities on multiple cable systems connecting Philippines to HK
          • Carrier-neutral/Telco Agnostic Internet Gateway Facility
          • Optimized and Diversified Routes going to Asia and US

          Consulting and
          Professional Services

          • Enabling a secure, stable work environment
          • Operating efficiently and cost-effectively
          • Provide end-to-end management


          We provide trustworthy, innovative and best-fit solutions for both public and private sectors, developing customer-centric,
          competent and empowered professionals committed to delivering total customer experience.

          Business Solutions

          TIM's System Integration Services expertly allow clients to combine components from different technology sources to come up with a complete cost-effective I.T. solution best suited to our client's business needs.

          Business Continuity

          TIM's comprehensive Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions gives you the security and protection to keep your mission-critical data and systems on track even if your data center is destroyed by fire, hurricane or system-breakdown.


          Over the years, TIM has perfected its development methodologies to provide solutions that grow with your business. We guarantee rapid delivery of innovative applications while reducing your development costs.

          News and Events

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