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          News (2010)




          TIM Gets I.T. Done! in 2009

          Posted at May 31, 2010


           TIM Gets I.T. Done! in 2009

          TIM Group of Companies ushered 2009 with renewed confidence during its Annual Kick-off held recently at the Renaissance Hotel, Makati City. TIM Group Chairman Mr. Jose Mari Antunez (center) described 2009 as a year of great opportunities for the IT industry and declared the organization’s plans for expanding its operations in the international market. Photo shows Mr. Anthony Jose (second from left), this year’s recipient for TIM Group’s Salesman of the Year Award, with TIM Group executives (from Left) Mr. Casey Ramirez, Mr. Jose Mari Antunez., Ms. Verna O. Cruz and Mr. Salvador P. Aque.

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