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          News (2013)




          Smartmatic-TIM wins P45.2-M Compact Flash Card Contract from COMELEC

          Posted at January 7, 2013


          MANILA, Philippines --- The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has awarded to Smartmatic – Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation the contract to supply the compact flash (CF) cards for the May 13 mid-term elections.


          The poll body issued the Notice of Award to Smartmatic – TIM based on their winning bid of P45.2 million to provide the 82,200 CF card units.


          "The undersigned hereby awards to your company the contract for the supply and delivery of CF cards main to be used in the May 13, 2013 national and local elections, "said the Comelec.


          In their bid, each unit of CF cards is priced at P550.


          Smartmatic – TIM was also the company that sold the PCOS machines to the Comelec at the amount of P1.8 billion for use in the 2010 national and local elections.


          Aside from the CF cards, Smartmatic-TIM also managed to win the public bidding for 15,000 units of transmission modems for a price of P154,576,800 or P10,305 per unit.


          Also set to be provided by the two companies is the electronic transmission of election results, for a contract price of P486,507,840.


          Upon receipt of the notice, the commission directs the company to post their performance security, including their cash bond, letter of credit, and surety bond amounting to about 35 percent of the contract price.


          Source: www.mb.com.ph

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