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          News (2015)




          TIM 2015 Main Event: "Data Center Innovation 2015

          Posted at August 7, 2015


          Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation in partnership with EMC, VMWare, Cisco, MSI-ECS and Westcon Philippines held its very first Data Center Innovation 2015 event at the Marriott Hotel, Cebu City last August 7th. This grand event was attended by more than 60 distinct companies in Cebu across various industries, and brought together world technology leaders in the Data Center Innovation space - EMC, CISCO and VMWare.


          Opening the event was TIM Corp. President, Mr. Sunver Bastes. Data Center Innovation is within every organization's finger-tips. Operational efficiencies and IT optimization can be quickly achieved with the right technologies and partners. TIM, more than ever, is committed to the success of our Cebu Customers.


          The event was graced by our guest speaker from ABS-CBN Corporation IT Director, Mr. Reggie De Leon. Mr. De Leon shared, on a high-level, their journey to simplify and optimize IT datacenter operations thru the help of consolidation, virtualization and better infrastructure management. He shared the transformation of their IT group from a re-active support engine to an enabler to their various business units at ABS-CBN.


          Other event speakers were Mr. Bing Reaport, Cisco Philippines Product Specialist; Mr. WittayaWarunchaichana, EMC South East Asia Isilon Bus. Mgr.; Mr. Emmanuel Portugal, VMWare Philippines General Manager; Mr. Rene Rodriguez, VMWare Partner Systems Engineer; and Mr. Sonny Lapuz, EMC DPS Sales South East Asia.


          The speakers shared insights on the latest technologies and best practices around optimization, simplification and virtualization of datacenter foot print regardless of customer size and operations. Mr. Reaport of Cisco spoke about the latest on datacenter server and network infrastructure design and architecture. Mr. Rodriguez of VMware on the other hand highlighted the operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of Virtualization both from a server and network standpoint while Mr. Warunchaichana & Mr. Lapuz of EMC both focused on game changing technologies around data management, storage, back-up and protection.


          This event would not have been possible without the support and participation of our key principal partners EMC Philippines, VMWare Philippines, Cisco Philippines, MSI-ECS and Westcon Philippines.

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