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          VMWare Rising Star Award 2016

          Posted at May 9, 2017


          VMWare Rising Star Award 2016

          (The Brewery Fort BGC Taguig) – Jan 20, 2017 - VMWare, the global leader in Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure recognizes Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation as their RISING STAR PARTNER OF THE YEAR for the year 2016. The award was given by Mr. Manny Portugal, VMWare Philippines Country Manager. TIM consistently and exponentially grew its VMWare business year on year for the last 2 years and has shown exceptional dedication and commitment in partnering with VMware.  In addition, TIM completed 5 solution competencies in the last 2 years and expressed such by investing on intensive trainings and certifications. Lastly by executing marketing campaigns and other activities related to expanding VMware footprint not only in its customer installed base in Metro Manila, TIM expanded its database even Cebu and Mindanao area respectively. All these led to TIM being promoted to Premier Partner in Q3 2016.


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