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          Project Management

          TIM’s approach is firmly rooted in our project management discipline. In any well-organized project engagement, there is a common set of required project management activities that must be performed, regardless of the nature of the engagement. 

          To ensure successful project implementation and client satisfaction, TIM has skilled Project Managers to guarantee overall quality of the project. Any project success is determined by how well it meets its goals and pre-empting risks.

          TIM being ISO 9001:2000 certified project approach is based on Quality Process and delivery is wholly guided by delivering the best possible solution on time and on budget.

          In order to achieve this goal, TIM employs a comprehensive approach to Quality Assurance that provides a constant focus on ensuring that every step of the project is monitored, tested, and documented. By defining goal expectations and communications plans at the beginning of the project, TIM is able to monitor all progress to validate if it is moving toward reaching those goals.

          TIM believes that this approach, coupled with the reusable assets from past projects and our experience will provide Clients a strong partner in delivering this engagement.


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