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          Consulting and Professional Services

          TIM Technology and Solutions Group (TIM-TSG)

          Virtualization Consulting and Services Team


          TIM-TSG responses to all VMWare Virtualization solution (Server, Storage and Network), HyperConvergence, and Cisco Unified Computing Systems needed by TIM Corporation and conglomerates.

          Our high value added solutions and support services from our Certified functional technical experts both in the areas defined above, develop personalized responses to its client's requests whether in Virtualization, Cisco UCS implementation or delivering 24x7 client support. Our experienced engineers work on industry standards and best practices on implementing the projects at their inception and propose effective tools to facilitate decision making on delivering good quality datacenter projects. TIM-TSG understands the complexities, fluid engineering needs of our clients as well as the everyday challenges of IT requirements. We reduce implementation glitches, with a short turn- around time, from months to days SLA.




          Key areas of TIM-TSG Technical Consulting Team

          Some of our industry clients

          Our Success



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