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          Managed Services for Data Center


          More and more businesses are looking to offshoring to stay competitive. Companies want to maintain high standards and provide excellent service without overshooting budgets.

          TIM helps you make sure these ends aren't compromised. We simplify your operations so you can focus on high value activities. Our Offshore Data Operations services include Data Center Management, Remote Desktop Management and Application Support Services.

          Data Center Management

          TIM will operate the computer facilities of your data center – all the while maintaining high confidentiality and security. A highly skilled group of technical personnel will handle:

          You may choose to have these services done on-site or via high speed, redundant VPN connections.

          Remote Desktop Management

          Managing the end-user desktop need not be tedious and time-consuming. Under TIM's Remote Desktop Management service, we can provide:

          These functions are available round-the-clock, 7 days a week and can be initiated by:

          Remote Desktop Management is available as a web-based service.


          Application Support Services

          Our helpdesk professionals will handle the end-user functions of all your applications. We make it a practice to be truly collaborative as we extensively train your users on applications usage and trouble shooting .


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